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General Security

Boyant Express Logistics & Security Company’s Civil Investigations and Bureau of intelligence provides the finest Safe Keepings of Valuable Assets (e.g. Money, Gold, Diamonds, Valuable Documents etc.), Surveillance, Private Bodyguards, Background Investigators, for Hotels, Industries, Construction Sites and Private Individuals among others.


Boyant Express Logistics & Security provides guarding services for a variety of events such as high-profile occasions and high-value showings. Our team of international security and special operations experts provides a discrete service, with luxury and security remaining at the fore of every specification. Alpari Express Logistics & Security works hand-in-hand with clients and event management services providing a comprehensive security threat analysis and effective prevention strategies.

Secure Valuables

Boyant Express Logistics & Security company protects valuable assets such as Money, Gold, Diamonds, and Valuable documents. We use our security devices and other sophisticated machines to protect items of our clients. Due to our protective intelligent, we protect individuals and many companies assets and beyond, Banks records, Online verification system etc.

Closed Circute TV

Remote monitoring is an effective economical security solution which provides peace of mind and reassurance that staff and property are in safe hands. Boyant Express Logistics & Security Solutions’ remote monitoring solution links CCTV systems directly to professionally trained staff in monitoring stations allowing round-the-clock surveillance and monitoring of premises.

Vault & Secured Storage

Boyant Express Security’s highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities are recognized as market leaders. All our vaults are strategically located in international Free Trade Zones or enjoy bonded status.


Storage units available range from safety deposit boxes suitable for individuals all the way up to entire dedicated vaults customized to meet the most stringent requirements of banks, global corporations and financial institutions. Several of the facilities feature custom-designed secure inspection lounges and meeting rooms, allowing clients to host private events and showings in an exclusive atmosphere whilst enjoying unparalleled security and discretion at all times.


Our vaults’ security and safety systems have been designed from the ground up incorporating a unique tailored mix of physical surveillance, cutting-edge technology, 24/7 monitored CCTV together with alarm, climate, and fire control systems. Security at each vault is paramount. Our Singapore facility has attracted international acclaim and our London facility is the only commercial  facility in the UK to have a vault that meets levels Grade XII (EX) (CD)  and EN 1143-1. Boyant Express Security has CTPAT approval; AEO approval; and is a DFT Regulated  Agent.


Our secured storage facilities located in Free Trade Zones around the world enable companies, institutions and individuals to store precious metals, luxury goods, fine art & rarities and diamonds & jewellery with a 100% duty-free exemption. Commodities can be imported into the FTZ located facilities tax-free, allowing them to be stored and freely traded there until imported into the region or re-exported tax-free. Secured Vault Security provides flexible and full-service logistical support service for the importation process of any items, return of  items to overseas, as well as secure storage for precious assets without a time-limit.

Counter Surveillance

Need expert counter surveillance services? Call Alpari Express Security Today! Our counter surveillance services restore your privacy and peace of mind. Alpari Express ‘s counter surveillance services begin with a technical threat assessment to identify your vulnerabilities. Accordingly, these vulnerabilities are addressed during your service.

Likewise, our counter surveillance services include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM. So, our services are an all inclusive TSCM solution. Alpari Express professionals use the most current eavesdropping detection equipment. In addition, our counter surveillance services are performed by highly trained experts. As a result, our experts detect expensive, complex bugging devices and inexpensive bugging devices. We also detect other technical surveillance threats. For all of these reasons, the results are world class, thorough and effective counter surveillance services. Read our client testimonials to learn more about the quality of our counter surveillance services. info@boyantexpress.com  by email or visit our contact page

Dispatch Arrangement

You want immediate and accurate dispatching services and that is what we provide! Our dispatchers have initiated over 5,000 dispatches in just the past two years! At Boyant Express, we are used to being busy and tracking vehicles and personnel. Whether we are taking your client’s calls and conveying the messages to your personnel, or whether you are one of our MIRS clients and we are dispatching alarm response or incident response, our goal is to provide thorough information to your personnel so they have an understanding of the situation before they arrive.

Whether you are in the security industry or another industry where time is of the essence, and a dispatch is required, we understand urgency. We can also provide “One-Call” service for large companies where we have each of your locations and emergency contacts in our dispatch software and we are able to send out emails to all personnel who need to be notified, depending on the type of incident or situation. This is a service you as a dealer can resell to your medium or large clients who may not be getting the response they need from a traditional answering service. If a call must be made we will dispatch the call with all pertinent information to the appropriate person. All calls are recorded so if there are any issues in which we need to go back and review a call or situation, you will have the audio available. Pricing is based on the number of monthly calls.

Safe Keeping

We are a global gold safety keeping company operating across the world. Our client’s demands has expanded in this age of international terrorism to include a new approach for the security of their valuables and properties. This service goes beyond normal confidential work and the risks involved in theft, robbery, foul play, and assault; security has become indispensable to the overall performance of people and business assets.

We provide our clients with the peace of mind they enjoy by providing efficient service, mastering surveillance and intervention techniques. We provides individuals and businesses with vault-secured protection of important documents, jewelry and precious metals e.g. Gold, diamonds etc. Our vault and identification access procedures guarantee our clients uncompromising efficiency, privacy and security . Why Safekeeping? Increasing numbers of Companies throughout the world are choosing the Safekeeping option when it comes to protecting documents. Think of the service as the best insurance you can buy for you and your clients’ valuable or important documents. Safekeeping not only gives you peace of mind and foolproof cataloging, it also guarantees: * Protection from fraud * Total traceability and easy retrieval for your files 24/7 Is your workplace part office, part warehouse? With Safekeeping you can put your Office back to work. Safekeeping can help you:
Meet document retention and / or legal obligations
Maximise on human resources and efficiency
Release valuable space and reduces property and storage overheads
Track each and every file and document with 100% accuracy and reliability.
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