4711 Morningview Lane, New York.

Secured Delivery

Our fast, comprehensive and secure door-to-door collection and delivery ensures the safe delivery of your goods anywhere in the world. Services include: overnight secure door-to-door delivery, secure delivery from collection to airport, airport pick-up to final destination and hand-carry courier services. For additional information and options, please contact your local Secured Vault Security office.

Boyant Express Logistics & Security (subject to local laws and restrictions) transports valuable cargo using the company’s exclusive fleet of armored trucks designed to our exacting specifications. All vehicles are manned by experienced drivers and highly-trained professional guards and are fitted with state-of-the art security systems and tracking devices ensuring movements are under constant surveillance. Boyant Express Logistics & Security can also arrange escort vehicles or police guards for ground movements. By operating on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or even an on-demand basis, our customers’ needs are at the fore of all routing. Tracking your shipment is as simple as a click of a button. Every shipment you send has a unique house airway bill number (HAWB) allowing you to track your shipment real-time via our secured online portal. Boyant Express Logistics & Security can take full liability for your shipments whilst in transit. We also offer limited liability should you already be covered for transportation. Evidences of insurance are available upon request. These can be issued per shipment, or on an annual basis depending upon the needs of your company, or even your clients. Evidences of insurance are fully authorized by our underwriters and are issued by our in-house insurance broker.

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